Ashes to Worship started in August 2012 in North-Eastern Rwanda in response to God’s nudging to help young mothers, many of whom live in extreme poverty, with a relevant skill that would sustain them and their families, and give them hope for the future. Thus the very first Ashes to Worship Sewing School was started, a school that was dedicated to helping even the poorest, least educated women have access to training that could change their lives and give them the ability to be financially self sufficient.cropped-DSC_0818-1.jpgIn October 2015, Ashes to Worship Designs started as a way to help some of those former Sewing School graduates to achieve their dream of owning their own sewing machine, giving them the ability to be able to provide for themselves and their families.

Each bag purchased provides not only a fair wage for a Rwandan woman, but the profits from the bags give back towards the Sewing School, ensuring that these valuable skills are being forwarded on to a new generation.image

Through your purchase, you are partnering with us in giving these women a head start in reaching their dream of being able to provide for their own families and to give them a brighter, more hopeful future.